Study Tour

Immersive classes. Holistic educational environment.

Study Tour
CClient: The Primary School Attached to Peking University Study Group

WholeRen Education Group brings top-tier educational resources from China and America. WholeRen and Peking Elementary school have held an American Middle School Exchange Program in Pittsburgh, PA at the Winchester Thurston School for the last half-decade. It is a STEAM program (Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Mathematics) to allow for cultural immersion and language learning to take place across several levels.

The students studied at prestigious American schools and made friends with local students. They also stayed with host families so that they could experience American culture more intimately . Students visited the CMU Robotics Lab, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museums, Carnegie Science Center and more.

The 3-week immersion study tour included: city explorations in Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls and New York City, studying in Winchester Thurston School alongside American students, and fun after-school activities.

“I really liked this school and this trip. My classmates communicated with me on a deep level and helped me get to learn more about American culture through experience. Therefore, I was really grateful to my classmates and teachers for welcoming me with open arms. What I liked most about the trip was the classes because the environment was both friendly and energetic, and I felt like I was able to fully immerse myself in the American school experience. My classmates not only made me feel like I wasn’t a foreigner, but made me feel like I was right at home.”