Subject advising

Embrace English learning with a passion.

Client: Wu
Academic Weakness: English
Result: Development of English proficiency to build a foundation for learning in the U.S.

Wu, a high school student in the U.S., was very interested in science, but not very interested in furthering his English abilities. He planned to pursue physics after graduating from high school but unfortunately his English was not quite at the required level, and he did not have a good relationship with his advisor. Wu’s WholeRen tutor was able to kindle his passion for learning and he began to make more of an effort, allowing Wu to build a relationship with his advisor.

WholeRen worked with Wu to improve his academic standing with an emphasis on English and Science. Wu’s advisor tracked his academic performance and stayed in close communication with him, patiently guiding him along every step. In addition to helping with academics, Wu’s tutor also shared useful information about campus life, guided/developed his interests, and educated him about homestay life in the U.S.

Wu made great academic progress and also developed a better relationship with his advisor. He learned to read and critically analyze questions independently, and now maintains a solid academic record.

“During my study experience with WholeRen’s advisor, I really learned a lot – not only academically, but also culturally. Thanks to the advisor for helping me work through my challenges and questions. I have made so much progress with my English, and I will continue work hard in my future studies!”