Full-semester advising

Full-semester advising and supervising.

Client: Wan
Academic Issue: English and Science

Wang is a high school student in the U.S. who has encountered many difficulties in English and other subjects. His parents were worried about his studying in the U.S. and hoped Wholeren could help him improve his study abilities and apply for Top 50 universities in the future.

WholeRen offered Wang a full-semester advising service and customized a comprehensive plan for him. Initially, Wang’s tutor paid more attention to his English in order to encourage him to increase his interest in learning English to create a solid foundation from which to learn. His WholeRen tutor taught him how to use an effective learning method and made an English study plan for him, tracking his learning performances with his parents in China. The second step was focusing on his Science subjects and his WholeRen tutor trained him with different exercises and quizzes, ensuring he fully understood the complex material.

Wang developed appropriate study skills and made progress in each subject steadily. He showed more interest in studying English, and became willing to review his vocabulary proactively.

“Honestly, I had some difficulties communicating with my tutor in the early stage, but thanks to his patience and understanding, finally built trust with each other and became friends. I am so happy that my English tutor not only supervised me in memorization techniques but also taught me useful learning methods which can help me study more effectively.”