Transfer Application

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Transfer Application
Client: Liu
Previous School: Pace University
Academic Background: GPA:3.8, TOEFL:103, ACT:29
Major: Applied Mathematics
Offer: Columbia University

Liu earned a solid TOEFL score and had completed most of Columbia’s prerequisite courses. In addition, Liu had also participated in many co- and extracurricular activities over the years. However, Liu’s GPA was not competitive enough to apply to the top10 universities.

A WholeRen advisor helped Liu prepare and refine necessary application materials. A U.S. born, Native English speaking advisor from WholeRen helped Liu revise his statement, correcting grammatical mistakes as well as rebuilding the structural content of Liu’s personal statement to highlight his strongest features.

Liu received an offer from Columbia University as an Applied Mathematics major.

“The WholeRen advisor’s patience and professionalism really meant a lot to me. All of my application materials were well-prepared and tailored to different universities’ requirements. Before, my personal statement was boring and disorganized. I never would have thought that, with the same content, my personal statement could shine like this.”