Jing Luan, Ph.D. President

San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley

Andrew Hang Chen, CEO

WholeRen Education, LLC

Dwiraj Sharma, Chairman

Alfa Beta Institute Pvt. Ltd.


San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley

1. World High Tech Capital!

2. #1 in University Transfer Admission Guarantees!

3. Global Beca Full Scholarships

4. Founded as Preparatory School for UC Berkeley & Stanford, Currently Berkeley Transfer Pathway Colleges

5. Onsite Transfer Services Provided by Top Universities

6. STEM Internships with CalTech, Berkeley, UCI

7. Priority Class Registration for International Students

8. Language schools at Skyline and Cañada College

9. Housing Support-Homestay

10. Most Popular Colleges!


WholeRen Education Group LLC



  • Working with engaging students holistically and long term


  • Hoping to redefine what international agency work is like
    • Establishing long term partnerships with
    • institutions and students
  • Types of services offered

Alfa Beta

1. 26 Years of Excellence

2. Trusted Recruitment Partners for:

  • a. 116 US Institutions
    b. 154 Institutions in 12 other destination

3. AIRC Members since 2010

4. Student Counsellors

  • a. 70% US Graduatesb. 100% USATC Certified

5. 8 centers around the Nation

  • a. 10 more in the pipeline

6. Test Centers

  • a. PTE – Academic (Nepal’s Only One)
    b. IDP IELTS
    c. Toefl iBT

7. Largest source for IELTS & PTE Test Takers

8. Strongest partners of San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley

  • a. 150+ students since 2015
    b. Lowest transfer/ drop out rate



  1. Presenters’ Unique Experience and Views on The Topic
  2. How Colleges and Agents Form and Maintain Mutually Beneficial Relationships?


  1. Rationale for Engaging Agents
  2. Unique Perspectives Toward / From Agents
  3. The 80/20 Rule
  4. Agent Management Strategies
  5. Beyond AIRC Standards…

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Jing Luan, Ph.D.

President, San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley Provost, International Affairs, SMCCD

Email: luan@smccd.edu


Andrew H. Chen Chief Learning Officer WholeRen Education

Email: andrew.chen@wholeren.com


Dwiraj Sharma Executive Chairman Alfa Beta Complex

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal Email: info@alfabetaedu.com