We Will Discuss:

• Introductions

• Understanding This Audience

– Data: Prevalence on Transfers

– Transfer Student Pipelines: Sources of Transfer Students

• Benefits of Recruiting International Transfer Students

• Marketing to This Audience

– Challenges

– Tips and Tools: How schools actively market on the ground

(market research, partnerships and agents)

• Important Considerations:

– Title IV Restrictions

– Commission vs. Marketing Fees

Let’s make this a dialogue

Roughly 50% of enrolled students are at 2-year institutions

Transfer Number of International and Domestic Students?

International Student Pipelines in U.S.

Community College International Students

Top Places of Origin (2016)

Community College International Students

Top Places of Origin (2017)

Community College International Students

Top Destinations (2017)


International Community College Students


International Transfer Students

Domestic in-state 2 year college:

A lot of experience, and articulation agreements

Domestic out-of-state 2 year college:

Limited articulation agreements, in favor of the more

internationalized CC

Domestic in-state 4 year college

Domestic out-of-state 4 year college

Direct transfer from overseas universities or technical schools

Reverse Transfer

International 4 year college

By Starting Institution, Where Did They Transfer To?

Cool Tools

Community Colleges:

International Perspective

International Student Motivators

● Affordable Tuition

● Individualized Academic Support

● Improving English skills for TOEFL

● Opportunity to matriculate from a 4-yr,

higher-ranked institution

● Will be able to provide US CC college transcript

Process Efficiencies for Transfer Students

● International Credentials Evaluation not necessary?


Benefits of Recruiting

International Student Transfers

● Full paying international student revenue

● Lower marketing cost/higher ROI

● Lower credential risk

● Higher graduation rates

● More mature students in age and in

accommodation to US education system

● Increase in transfer “phenomenon” and thus a normalizing of


● International student transfer students do not impact school

ranking for 4 year universities

Challenges to Marketing Internationally

What are the challenges that we see globally?

● Marketing in China is always challenging

College transfer doesn’t exist in China, all

benchmarked by Gaokao

● Global list generators often produce

leads that go nowhere

Things to consider: Powerful, engaging content

● Build your own lead list using social media advertising

(look alike audiences)

● WeChat in China as a support to your agent network

Specific Cultural Challenges:

Chinese Perspectives of Community Colleges

● Rankings

● Community Colleges do not exist in China

○ The concept is completely foreign and new

● Comparables are 大专 (third tier technical school)

● It is for “bad” students (prestige factor)

● Open admission is viewed as drawback

● It is cheap – the “higher” the price, the “better” the

product. Community College pricing suggests less


● The image doesn’t fit the middle class demand of


American international education

Additional Challenges

● Agency fees

○ These can be considered “marketing fees”

○ The new model is one in which agent fees are a reality

○ Commission fees are typically 10-15% of tuition

● Retention Rate

● Title IV:

“Section 487(a)(20) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, reads: “The institution

will not provide any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or

indirectly on success in securing enrollments or financial aid to any persons or entities

engaged in any student recruiting or admission activities or in making decisions regarding

the award of student financial assistance, except that this paragraph shall not apply to the

recruitment of foreign students residing in foreign countries who are not eligible to receive

Federal student assistance”


Suggestions that we offer

Agents: Commission fees as marketing fees

Content: Increasingly targeting transfer students with

engaging content that speaks to their concerns,

motivations, aspirations

Partnerships: 2 year colleges to work with 4 year

colleges to create guaranteed admission pathway

Student Services: Provide and promote the level of

student support available


Andrew H. Chen

Chief Learning Officer

WholeRen Education

Email: andrew.chen@wholeren.com


Benjamin Waxman

Chief Executive Officer


Email: bwaxman@intead.com