The 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY 2018) sponsored by ReadyAI, a subsidiary of the WholeRen Group LLC, was held on July 28, 2018, at the Jared L. Cohon University Center, a hub of the Carnegie Mellon University campus, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The competition attracted over 60 teams, including 207 participants from around the world ranging in ages from 5 to 20. Teams were supplied with ReadyAI’s AI-in-a-Box™, which features a Cozmo® robot by Anki, known as one of the most advanced robots for learning the fundamentals of AI, Calypso, a renown AI education software program designed by Dr. David S. Touretzky at Carnegie Mellon University, and designated training materials. The participants developed demonstrations of how they think AI can impact and improve lives.

The WAICY 2018 by ReadyAI gave youth around the world a chance to showcase their understanding of artificial intelligence by demonstrating the impact of artificial intelligence for both the present and future. Dr. Andrew W. Moore, Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. David S. Touretzky, Professor of School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Sam Critelli, Lead Software Engineer from Anki, and Andrew Chen, CEO of WholeRen Education attended this competition and discussed the growth and breakthrough of artificial intelligence among youth across the globe.

Dr. Andrew Moore began the competition speaking about the future of the 21st century and WAICY participants as those who will be taking care of the world, pointing out the vast reach of the first WAICY Conference: “All of us who like robots and like building things, we live in different parts of the world…and we’re all working together to make the world better, safer and more fun.”

Before the competition, ReadyAI held a WAICY workshop introducing Cozmo® and Calypso. Dr. Touretzky and ReadyAI’s instructors introduced the main concept of artificial intelligence and its utility, using visual and tile-based programming software to interact with the Cozmo® robots.

WAICY itself divided participants into groups of 1-5 in Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Unlimited divisions (based on their grade levels and the platform used). Supplied with AI-In-A-Box™, teams physically came to the campus of Carnegie Mellon University, where they presented their demonstration in front of a panel of judges. Other students were able to connect via video conference and participated virtually in the competition, truly evidencing AI education across the globe and within the world of technology.

As the creator of the Calypso software and with over 35 years of expertise in Computer Science and Education, Dr. Touretzy’s appointment as Judge for this competition underscores his efforts in establishing national guidelines for K-12 artificial intelligence education. The panel of judges also included Sam Critelli from Anki, Andrew Chen from WholeRen Education, Natalie Sauerwald, Rishi Madhok, Nilesh Kulkarni, and Dhiraj Gandhi from Carnegie Mellon University. The WAICY Awards were “Division Awards” for each division, “Multimedia Excellence Awards” in storyline/game design, visual design, audio design, theme/message, preparation and delivery, “Outstanding Coaches”, and “Outstanding Organizations”.

WAICY 2018 and its corresponding summer workshop were hosted by ReadyAI, a subsidiary of the WholeRen Group LLC, based in Pittsburgh, PA. ReadyAI offers artificial intelligence educational opportunities to youth around the world, seeking to develop future AI leaders who understand the role technology plays in solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

ReadyAI will continue to support AI education beyond the annual WAICY event. With the success of WAICY and it’s summer workshop, ReadyAI is prepared to create even more opportunities for youth to engage with artificial intelligence, including integrating artificial intelligence components into existing STEAM education, classroom experience,  activities, institutional opportunities, integrated K-12 AI education solution, etc.

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