The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) was founded in 1937 and is the nonprofit and non-governmental organization that advises Colleges and Universities in the U.S. to guide and offer best practices in college admission.  With a Board of Directors and voting members from NACAC’s state and regional affiliates, a diverse range of schools (including the Ivy League, Big 10, state universities and liberal arts colleges) are represented in the organization.

On average, about 8,000 practitioners attend NACAC to share and interpret admissions policy changes/challenges, trends in college admission, and how to best counsel students in the college prep/admission process.

Andrew Chen, WholeRen’s CEO, attended the NACAC Annual Conference with four of WholeRen Education’s Transfer Consultants.    Attending the conference allowed WholeRen’s Transfer Consultants to attend learning sessions by university officials and also meet directly with Admissions Officers to better understand the details of school-specific admissions policies and procedures.  

WholeRen teachers who attended NACAC 2019

WholeRen Staff Feedback: 

Ms. Sasa: “Attending the NACAC conference allowed me to  walk around with my students’ profiles, asking admission officers from target colleges about the possibility of the admission of the students. I not only obtained specific advice for each student, but also had an opportunity to talk to admissions officers about various topics including student profile trends and the future of college admissions.  

Ms. Sevi: “Aa large number of colleges and universities were present at NACAC–from Harvard, Yale, and Columbia University to other top universities  to community colleges from across the world present. We were able to learn from colleges and universities in the U.S. but also world reknown schools from  the United Kingdom, Scotland, Australia, New ZealandUniversities are paying more and more attention to transfer admission, with schools now being able to actively recruit for transfer students.” U.S. institutions continue to welcome international students despite challenging political times.

Ms. Pepper: “NACAC offers many   lectures and seminars on various topics for our staff’s professional development. With educational consultants, high school counselors, and admissions officers in one space, we were provided with a chance to have broad discussions with various professionals who work with college bound students.  . Not only did we discuss college admissions, we also attended presentations that discussed U.S. Department of Labor statistics, giving us a sense of employment trends in the U.S., which will help us better assist students to think about majors and careers. NACAC also allowed us to learn from other professionals about SAT trends, strategies for developing the best recommendation letters, transfer admission, as well as communicate directly with admissions officers about WholeRen’s current application students.”